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Careful! The Surprising Science Behind Everyday Accidents and How You Can Avoid Them

Steve Casner, Ph.D.

Steve Casner, author, pilot, traveler, keynote safety speaker

Steve Casner, author, pilot, traveler, keynote safety speaker


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As doctors and medical researchers work busily to extend our lives, more people each year are figuring out ways to cut them short. Yes, after a hundred years of steady improvement, the rate at which people are being injured (or worse) in everyday accidents is on the rise.

Steve Casner has devoted his career to studying the psychology of safety, and he knows there's not a safety warning we won't ignore or a foolproof device we can't turn into an implement of disaster. Casner details the psychological traps that prevent us from being more careful. They're the same whether you're a pilot, a Hollywood stuntwoman, a parent, or the owner of a clogged dishwasher you're trying to fix with a screwdriver.

Using everyday examples that will make you both laugh and cringe, Steve will arm the audience with the latest science on how our sometimes fallible minds work, with countless takeaways to incorporate at home, at work, and everywhere in between.

Steve drives home the point that we've already put a rubber corner and safety strap on everything in sight. The next big step in safety is going to have to happen in our own creative and powerful, but sometimes accident-prone minds.

Steve delivers an informative and entertaining talk: a "one-stop shop" for all of us who are looking to have some fun, be productive, and get through the day in one piece.

But does it work? Steve is happy to point out the commercial air travel industry has driven the crash rate down to almost nothing by training their people ... not to obey signs on the wall ... but to think in a new way about being careful.