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Being careful (and safe) seems harder than it used to be.

HOW MANY PEOPLE believe that injuries happen mostly to the inexperienced or the incompetent?


THESE SAME PEOPLE often drive or walk around with their phones, or they skip the safety procedures because they are convinced that they'll be just fine.


MEANWHILE, the injuries keep happening.


IT'S TIME to change the way we think about the occasional slips, oversights, attention lapses, forgotten steps, and misjudged risks that make us human ... but that place us in harm's way when we deny that they could ever happen to us.


THESE IDEAS have been successfully pushed through the workplace culture in commercial aviation. Pilots today have a wide-open acceptance of the errors we all occasionally make, and they set themselves up to be in a safe place when they inevitably happen.

DOES IT WORK? Well, we have just witnessed 75 million consecutive flights make it to their destinations safely.




Step 1: Get the book

The book - Careful: A User's Guide to Our Injury-Prone Minds

... a new way of thinking about survival in a world filled with hazards and distractions.
~ CHARLES DUHIGG, author of The Power of Habit and Smarter Faster Better.
"Careful illuminates the mental strangeness of accidents."
"Fascinating ... chilling."
"One of the most intelligent and impactful books; everyone should read it."
~ LIBRARY JOURNAL (Starred Review)
"This helpful and hilarious book just might save your life."
~ DEBORAH HERSMAN, President, National Safety Council

The book describes a new way of thinking about safety. One that empowers individuals to take charge of their own safety by seeing themselves and the world in the way that the pros do.

Step 2: Engage Steve for your next meeting, training event, or campaign

Steve Casner can help you push the ideas presented in the book Careful throughout your organization. Steve understands peoples' existing attitudes toward safety and he knows how to talk to people in their own language. Steve can help change dismissive attitudes into the more informed ones that pilots bring to the flight line. Steve isn't just another safety speaker. Steve is a Ph.D. research scientist with 27 years of experience studying people and their accident-prone behaviors.


This isn't another sign on the wall. It's not another safety feature and it's not a call to reach the next management injury metric. It's a mindset. A way of thinking about being careful that allows us to be productive, have fun, and get through the day in once piece. At work, at home, everywhere.

Careful is the new safety feature.

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